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Size: 5mg
Contents: Hexarelin (5mg)
Form: Lyophilized powder
Purity: >99%
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Hexarelin for sale

Hexarelin has shown potential to help with joint restoration, protection, and healing, neural protection, muscle fiber size increase, and enhanced strength when administered on lab subjects.

The peptide is also thought to decrease overall fatty tissue, which helps the subjects lose fat. Any form of growth, however, is solely a result of the rise in hormone levels; gastric draining isn’t accelerated, and appetite is not stimulated.

Hexarelin Benefits Research

In various research studies, Hexarelin peptide has been found to help with injury prevention and recovery, fat loss, muscle building, and skin elasticity.

Get more research details by reading our latest Hexarelin Review - Benefits, Side Effects 2021 blog post.

For more technical information on Hexarelin peptide (Examorelin) such as its atomic structure, molecular formula, molecular weight, synonyms, chemical and physical properties, as well as other details, refer to this NIH PubChem article.

Synonyms/Aliases: Hexarelin, Examorelin

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