TB-500 (Thymosin beta 4) 10mg


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Size: 10mg
Contents: TB-500 (10mg)
Form: Lyophilized powder
Purity: >99%
SKU: P-TB500-10
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TB 500 peptide, also known as Thymosin beta 4, or TB-4, has been shown to help in the healing process after injury, especially brain and neurological injury. Other TB-500 research has shown it helps with wound healing and with hair growth.

TB 500 Research

For an overall TB500 peptide review and its potential healing benefits, especially with tendon and ligament injuries, read our latest TB-500 Review, Benefits, Side Effects 2021 blog post.

NOTE: These products are intended for laboratory research use only. Thymosin beta 4 peptide is not intended for personal use. Please review our Terms and Conditions before ordering.